Your Partner in The Pharmaceutical Industry in Central and Eastern Europe

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Our services are meant to ensure lasting results and mutual success.

Our services include:

  • Market Evaluation
  • Product Registration
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Distribution
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Market Evaluation

  • Conduct products market analysis and evaluate sales potential.
  • Identify cooperation opportunities and develop business plans.
  • Report on market evolution and the health care situation.

Product Registration

  • Support registration of products that comply with the latest national regulations.
  • Import registration samples and reference standards from producers.
  • Translate, adjust and submit product dossiers that meet the requirements of national regulations.
  • Communicate with regulatory authorities to facilitate marketing authorizations of pharmaceutical products.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Develop product marketing strategies to identify the most profitable position of partners' brands.
  • Have competent and dedicated staff, able to generate trust and loyalty among customers.
  • Adapt, translate and print promotional materials.
  • Organize product related campaigns, including product launch and participate in relevant congresses and exhibitions.
  • Organize initial and periodical (individual and group) training for pharmacists, general practitioners and other healthcare professionals.
  • Maintain close contacts with opinion leaders and use the results of clinical research in training and promotion activities.
  • Share product related information by mail with selected target groups and advertise product related information in medical journals.


  • Ensure the quality and identity of pharmaceutical products during all stages of the distribution process.
  • Collaborate with the largest national pharmaceutical warehouses and chains.
  • Ensure optimal distribution of products in pharmacies and hospitals.
  • Participate in national and internal pharmaceutical tenders on regular basis.
  • Monitor sales development and market share.